P-Square – Break It (MP3 Download)

P-Square has released a new song titled ” Break it” released in the year, 2009 off their debut album “Danger Album”.

P-Square popular, famous, & highly rated artists from Nigerian home base has dropped another mind blowing song titled “Break it” released in the year, 2009 off their debut album “Danger Album”.

“Break it” is the third song off their debut hot album “Danger Album” and it’s already trending all over the country and Africa at large with its complete tracks.

Furthermore, P-Square is a Nigerian music duo consisting of the twin brothers, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye and they’ve been recognized as one of the Nigerian and African best R&B singers.

They produce and release their albums through Square Records and P-Square released this brand new song for their fans so they’ll feel entertaind. 

Their songs are always the talk of the town because they’re always amazing and mind blowing.

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Quick Lyrics

Break It

Break it! Ok! Oh. You know how
we do. Just like that. We
about to take it to the dance floor.
Yeah! This is danger.
P-Square! Yeah! Chai! This is
danger. Ok! Lets go. Ok get

[Verse 1]
Girl I know that you wanna get
something. And you really
don”t wanna give nothing. All
you do is got me confused.
I know that you wanna get poppin.
And you know that I wanna
get poppin.

It”s all about you breaking the
rules. Ladies, are
you feeling me. Are you digging
me uh uh. I”m trying not
to get in the mood. Break it. Girl,
you killing me. The way
you breaking it. And now you telling
me what to do. Baby
break it down. Break something
(Break it down) x3. baby,
break it down. Go down. Chai!
It”s Naija. Lets go. (x2).
Rude boy. Hey! Break it.

[Verse 2]
Yo! See the boy dem a jumpin. The
way you jiggle it wiggle
it, you frontin. Girl, all you
do is make em confused. Hey!
Some of them dem a shouting. Cos
the things dem a see dem
a doubting.
[Repeat chorus]

The way you breaking and shaking
it. Hope no faking
it? Cos your body is what I need
to set you free. Yes I know,
you know, we know exactly how
I feel. I know you want it.
So come and get it. Yeah. Yeah.
Break it down. (x8). Baby
break it down. Go down. This is

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