7 Historical Flavors To Level Up Your Tea in 2023

7 historical flavors to level up your tea
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All over the world today, tea has been the most consumed drink after water. Basically, we have true teas and herbal teas. True teas includes white, green, black, and oolong teas, which was gotten from the Camellia sinensis tea plant, while the herbal teas include rooibos and chamomile which are a combination of plants, roots, and spices. These two species of teas do add different flavors to teas that can feel personal to tea drinkers.

Generally, everyone has a favorite when it comes to drinks and the same applies to tea drinkers. The flavor of a tea comes from the tea leaves, but for those wanting to spice up their tea flavors and strength, below is a world of tea flavors that will give your tea a historical flavor.


What are the 7 historical flavour to level up your tea?

1.Smokey flavor with gunpowder tea

Do you want your tea flavor to be outstanding? Try a smokey flavor with gunpowder tea. This type of tea leaves are rolled up into little tiny pellets, which makes them resemble gunpowder.

The tea has a higher caffeine content and also has a smoky flavor. It can also boost your energy, and it contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and helps your digestion.

I don’t have gunpowder at home? See how to prepare gunpowder at home. Abrupt your tea for a minute, it’ll taste iced and if you don’t like green tea, you can use other tea varieties like Assam, oolong, and black tea.

2.Tomato tea

Medically, consistent intake of tomato can do lots of good to your body, it provides crucial nutrients for pregnant women during pregnancy to reduce cancer risk. Tomato also plays an important role in our everyday dish likewise all over the world.

This tomato tea goes well with fresh flavors like mint as Nuim Organics has shown. It’s not only super healthy and worth adding to your culinary regimen, but also nice when added into a tea.

3.Blue tea

This looks beautiful and tastes delicious when used in making tea and free of caffeine which makes it great for health.

When using this tea, sweetener is not needed, but you can add honey and sugar. Lemon juice can be a great additive to this tea because it changes the color to a royal shade of violet and reacts with the tea’s pH which makes the tea very beautiful and attractive.

This blue tea is so outstanding when used in cocktails or mocktails, for it’ll diversify your home bar recipes in a historical way. Go get some blue tea and try this awesome historical flavor out!

4.Horchata lojana

Horchata lojana is a South American flavorite flavor. It’s popular with South American residents and travelers, this flavored horchata lojana was obtained from the Loja region of Ecuador and has a herbaceous, floral flavor.

This tea is a mixture of many flowers and herbs and thanks to the global market that makes it easy for us to get our hands on this historical tea flavor. You can easily purchase this horchata lojana online giving you the opportunity to bring in the all mighty Ecuador flavor into your home.

5.Cheese tea

Cheese tea originated from the street market of Taiwan and has made headway in certain areas in Europe and the United States. According to cheese tea shop owners, they instructed that this drink should be in a lidded cup tipped up to a 40 degree angle in order to get both tea and cheese mixture.

Lot’s of countries celebrate the mixture of salty and sweet. Kaffeost, a cup of steaming coffee with a floating cheese cube, is very popular in Sweden and Finland, while in Colombia chocolate santafereño is melted with white cheese into a hot chocolate.

Try this cheese tea flavor today and level up your tea.


Is rosemary a tea? Rosemary is more than a harb, it’s tea. This amazing rosemary plant is a heeb which hails from the Mediterranean, usually used in cooking.

It’s been used in dishes for perforating the crust of beef ribs to an infused simple syrup, but can also be made into a herbal tea.

When making tea with rosemary, get a fresh rosemary and steep it for 5 – 10 minutes. There’s no restrictions on steeping for flavor, as more time it steeps won’t make the rosemary bitter. You’ll have a balanced cup of tea at the end. Try it out!

7.Garlic tea

Garlic tea is great for your health. It’s enriched with vitamins, so making garlic tea is a great way to ensure you’re getting lots of nutrients. The garlic tea is also good for the heart but can upset the stomach or cause heartburn when taken too many cups.

Where can I get a garlic tea? Garlic tea can be found in the stores or online, but making it at home is very easy so instead buying it in the store or online, simply make it.

How can I make garlic tea at home? You can easily make garlic tea by steeping lemon juice and honey with 3 to 4 cloves of garlic. Adding ginger to garlic tea is a great combination as it goes well with honey and lemon and also healthy to the body. Try start your day with a garlic tea as it is full of vitamins.

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